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Electric Bike Service

Electric Bicycle Service

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VELO Service Department: Focused on E-bikes

Experienced & skilled technicians - Our technicians are factory-trained and appropriately certified. On a regular basis, our team performs diagnostic services,  preventive maintenance, and component replacement on e-bikes. 

Fully supported systems - All bike bought at Velo City Cycles, as well as brands equipped with Bosch, Shimano, and Mahle e-bike systems. 

Partially supported brands - For e-bikes equipped with systems that are outside of the fully supported list, we service the traditional mechanical bicycle components, but not the electronic aspects. For example, we can replace the chain, but cannot service the electric drive system.  We frequently service the tires, wheels, shifting and *brakes of such bikes. In this situation we ask that when you leave your bike with us for service, you take your battery out and with you. 

Aftermarket kits or DIY Electrical/Gas Powered Bikes We do not service any portion of a bicycle that has been modified to be electric. This includes do it yourself, aftermarket kits, and even bikes that had another bike shop install an aftermarket kit. Simply put, we believe that adding a power kit to a traditional bicycle is unsafe for the user and the technician. Tradition bicycles were not designed to handle the additional stresses that the electric power creates. We reserve the right to refuse service on any product we deem unsafe.

*If the brakes have an electrical cut-off to the motor we are unable to replace/service these brakes. If the hydraulic brake system is a brand we do not have the fittings for we are unable to service/bleed these brakes.

Bring your keys & charger!

To service your e-bike, we must have your e-bike's charger and keys. Please remember to bring them to the shop along with your e-bike.



Chain checked and lubed, adjustment of gears and brakes, all bolts checked for proper torque.


Safety Service with thorough cleaning and inspection of frame and fork, hub, headset and bottom bracket adjustments, wheels trued, and deep drivetrain clean of the chain, cassette, chainrings, and derailleurs. 


Install tire/tube $25

True Wheel $30 

Firmware update $30

Building boxed bike starts at $150

Recycle bad battery FREE

For other individual services refer to Bike Service Page

*All prices are starting prices as some systems and situations may take longer