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Bike Fitting


FREE Bike Fit With Bike Purchase

As a shop, we believe so strongly in this, that we offer a FIT GUARANTEE with every new bike purchase. When we sell you a bike, we may ask about previous injuries, how they affect you on a bike, take some simple body measurements or put you through a FIT KIT fit and let the numbers tell us which style and size bike you should ride. We will swap stems for you at no charge to make sure your reach is correct. We will set your saddle height and fore/aft position to make sure you are aligned correctly. These are aspects of the fit that cannot always be done by riding in the parking lot or seeing you stand over a bike on the showroom floor. It can be a time intensive process, but it is that important to us. We want you to have fun riding and have no bike position pain.

Craig’s List Fit - $75

Interested in knowing what size bike is best suited for you? Looking into buying a bike on-line? Make sure you know what size to purchase. We take all your proper measurements and provide you with the information you need to help you purchase a bike that fits you. If you decide to buy a new bike from us, we will credit the Fit cost toward your new bike purchase.

Retro Fit - $125

What if you already have a bike but are experiencing pain? We are pleased to offer our customers a “retro fit”. We will work with you and your existing bike to improve your bike fit! In many cases people are on the right bike, but their saddle height is wrong, or their reach is off. We offer the retro fit at $125!

Cleat Alignment - $50

Another common conversation around here goes something like this: “I have never had knee pain before, but all of a sudden my knees hurt after every ride.” We suggest taking a look at their cleats. Ninety percent of the time their cleats are so worn it is hard to imagine they are not pulling out of their pedals. Depending on use, it isn’t unusual for riders to replace their cleats once or even two times a season depending on the pedal system they are using. Still experiencing knee pain with new cleats? Let’s talk about cleat alignment. We have cleat alignment tools to ensure your cleat position is correct for you. We offer this service for $50!

Fit Technicians

We simply cannot emphasize enough the importance of fit. Brad White, Velo City Cycles owner and professional cyclist, is Serotta fit school certified. We have the knowledge to fit you correctly. If you have any questions, concerns or if you would like to schedule a fit for a new or current bike, please call (616-355-2000) or stop by the shop. We look forward to hearing from you.