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Over The River And Through The Woods

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Velo Kids is all about getting kids on bikes! Teaching bike skills, bike safety, and bike trail stewardship.

With the current COVID-19 Pandemic we are not sure what the Velo Kids 2020 ride schedule will look like. In the meantime, we still want to ride bikes and encourage all of you awesome Velo Kids to get out and ride your bike as well!


Calling all bike-loving kids ages 2-15! Let's get out and ride, just not together quite yet. A weekly writeup will be sent out explaining skills to practice and clues to the secret spots. Sign up HERE to receive these weekly emails. Cross off the boxes as you go. Complete 4 out of the 8 weeks below and you will earn your very own Velo Kids water bottle! Bring your completed sheet to Velo City Cycles for your prize!

Summer Bike Adventure Scoresheet: VK Bike Adventure Scoresheet.pdf (black & White version here: Black & White VK Bike Adventure Scoresheet.pdf)

Week #8 (July 27-August 1) - Bass River Trail

Today starts week #8, can you believe it?! This is our last trail for the Summer Bike Adventure! We are actually going to give you two weeks to complete this ride. Your Bike Adventure awards are scheduled to arrive at Velo City Cycles this Wednesday. We will send out a note when we are ready for you to stop by and pick them up!

Summer Bike Adventure Week #8 - Bass River Trail
Bass River Rd, Grand Haven, MI 49417 (When you turn on to Bass River Rd, the mountain bike parking lot is on your left (north side of road), there is a sign that says 'horse staging'.)

Skills to Practice: 

  1. Bass River has lots of tight turns. Try riding slow enough that you don't have to touch your brakes when you go through a curve. Then slowly try speeding up and see how long you can still get through the turns without braking!
  2. Keep your arms loose while you ride over little roots. Let your bike take you over the roots. 
  3. Challenge yourself to to over a berm or over a log pile. Have fun!

Find the Bananas! 

The bananas are hanging out in a tree on the first loop by a berm or banked corner. Good luck! 

Week 1 Velo Kids video - How to pump up a tire:

Week 2 Velo Kids video - How to do a track stand:

Week 6 Velo Kids video - How to do a bunny hop:

We would LOVE to see photos of your bike adventures throughout the next 8 week! Have an adult take photos, post to social media and tag @velokidsholland and Velo Kids, and use #velokidsbikeadventure (Instagram and Facebook). Have fun and be safe! Always wear your helmet and ride with an adult.
 - From your Velo Kids Coaches

Summer Bike Adventure Weekly Ride Sheet

Summer Bike Adventure Weekly Write Up

Come Ride With Us

group of Velo Kids riding singletrack

Velo Kids Riding Groups

Lil' Striders - Kids on Balance Bikes (no pedals) & training wheels.

Rock Hoppers - New to riding a 2 wheel pedal bike. Can start and stop by themselves.

Billy Goats - Beginner trail rider with a geared mountain bike.

Mountain Goats - Experienced mountain bike rider with geared bike.

Trail Blazers - Experienced mountain bike rider working on skills, technique and endurance.

group of Velo Kids and adults

2020 Velo Kids Schedule

CANCELED Saturday, March 21 KIDCYCLE - 10am-noon at Civic Center 

CANCELED Saturday, April 4 KIDCYCLE - 10am-noon at Civic Center

CANCELED Wednesday, May 27 - 6pm at Riley Trails

CANCELED Wednesday, June 10 - 6pm at Kollen Park

CANCELED Wednesday, June 24 - 6pm at Riley Trails

CANCELED Wednesday, July 8 - 6pm - Ice Cream Ride @ Windmill Island

CANCELED Wednesday, July 22 - 6pm at Windmill Island

Wednesday, August 5 - 6pm at Pigeon Creek

Wednesday, August 19 - 6pm at Pigeon Creek

Saturday,  August 29 - Pedal The Pigeon (kids only) mountain bike race.

*dates and locations are subject to change. 

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