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Rent the PetalCab for your event or wedding! Corporate events, picnics, parties, weddings, special name it! Price is $60 per hour. Price includes a PetalCab driver. 

PetalCab can be used in a variety of ways for weddings. Couples love to use it as their "getaway" vehicle as they leave their ceremony, and it can be a private, quiet time for the bride and groom to reflect on their ceremony, rest up for the reception, and enjoy the sites of picturesque Holland. 

Depending on the location and the timing of the wedding, PetalCab can also provide rides to guests between the ceremony and reception, during a cocktail hour, or after dinner. 

Start the conversation by calling us at (616) 613-6634.

Wedding & Event Rental Price: $60 (includes a PetalCab Driver)


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